Digital Imagery

Photo Restoration & Retouching

Taking old photographs and turning them into digital files is becoming an important part of preserving history. Although it can be a tedious process, photo restoration retouching is an important part of our business we enjoy doing because of the gratification we feel when a project is completed. Preserving a moment in time is important, because we can turn something into a lasting memory.

Digital Image Manipulation

Rock and Roll Imagery

One of our favorite areas of photo manipulation and restorations are rock and roll images. Rock and Roll is a part of the American lexicon. It is a staple in American culture defines a generation of people. These images initiate a sensory experience of sound, sight, feel and even emotions. It excites us to work on these images and bring them back to life. We want to make the viewer feel like they are live in concert and will remember it like it was the first time they heard the music.

Sports Montage

Similar to rock and roll imagery, sports montages and prints are a great way to create emotion through visualizations. New Jersey is filled with energetic and faithful sports fans across the state from young to old. From professional teams, colleges high schools and youth sports, we can take regular sports photographs or images and create something memorable and unique.

Regardless of what type of digital imagery project you need, give us a call to speak with us and get started.