Artistic Acoustic Panels

Creating Artistic Acoustic Panels for a Variety of Environments

Acoustic Panels help keep noise down and controls sound in various environments. Although they come in a variety of sizes, types and colors, designing an artistic acoustic panel can be quite a challenge. Graphic Innovations excels in this unique market where we have created graphic design and artistic panels for acoustic settings all across New Jersey. Regardless of what type of setting this is used in, we are confident we can design and create something you will not only find functional but also visually pleasing.

Instead of having a drab, boring looking room, you can liven it up with these acoustic panels. For living rooms, theatres, music class rooms or recording studios, these panels can transform a room and create a whole new feeling when you walk inside. Even in large settings where noise reduction is a key component, these panels will look beautiful and function as you need.

We can create a custom design of your choice, using your company’s logo, photography, artwork or graphic design. These are unique projects and we would love the ability to work on artistic acoustic panels for your space. Give us a call today or come visit us in our office to get started on an exceptional choice for high quality graphic design.